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Pentax Q10 Camera Driver

The super-compact and ultra-lightweight PENTAX Q10, barely larger than a deck of cards, offers digital-SLR-quality photography for photographers of all levels. Description of PENTAX Q10, interchangeable lens compact system camera. The tiny new Pentax Q10 is one of the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens cameras currently available. At its heart is a new back.


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Pentax Q10 Camera Driver

Pentax Q10 also features where it intelligently detects the faces in the frame and locks the focus automatically.

PENTAX Q10 - Overview

Full HD resolution of Pentax Q10 will be adequate in most of the situations. Q10 has a built-in Mono microphone and a Mono speaker. A Bokeh Control feature is also included, which goes some way Pentax Q10 Camera overcoming the creative limitations of the small sensor format.

This feature enables you to simulate out of focus backgrounds, making it easier to isolate a subject from a busy background. A small pop-up flash is provided, which can be fired Pentax Q10 Camera the articulated arm is extended or not.


Having the flash further from the optical axis with the arm extended should reduce the chances of red-eye spoiling images of people taken in low light conditions. A standard ISO hot shoe opens up various creative possibilities as various flash accessories can be used with the camera, as well as dedicated Pentax flashguns. Despite having such a compact body, the Pentax Q10 is equipped with a large 3-inch screen, that Pentax Q10 Camera a resolution ofdots.

The screen is bright, clear and has a good anti-reflective coating applied to it, making it easy enough to see, even Pentax Q10 Camera bright sunlight. Pressing the Green button then returns to the Program mode.

Pentax Q Digital Photography Review

Underneath is a four-way control pad with a central Pentax Q10 Camera button, a similar set-up to that found on most digital compacts that will be familiar to those trading up. Underneath this control pad are the familiar Info and Menu buttons.

The Menu button accesses the logical main menu system with the choice of five horizontal folders. Camera, movie and and playback settings are displayed next to each other Pentax Q10 Camera you can make decisions and adjustments on the fly. The fourth folder contains familiar set up options, with the fifth affording access to a wealth of custom settings.

A nice touch is that each folder is split into a varying number of pages, with a maximum of 7 options per page so that you never have to scroll down past the bottom of the screen. The Pentax Q10's HDR Capture option only available for JPEGs takes three images with different exposures, and then records a single image that combines the properly exposed parts of each one, expanding its dynamic range.

Although the Q10 can microalign images before combining them, allowing hand-held HDR shots to be taken, for best results it's important to always use a tripod to prevent camera shake from blurring the HDR image, and Pentax Q10 Camera still doesn't work very well for moving subjects. The Pentax Q10 additionally offers 11 different Digital Filters, Pentax Q10 Camera allow you to quickly apply an artistic effect to a photo before taking it JPEG images only. Note that applying the Digital Filters slows the camera down somewhat, as it has Pentax Q10 Camera process the image for a few seconds after it's taken.

Pentax Q10 Review Photography Blog

The Q10 can also be set to automatically compensate for the distortion of its lenses. The Multi-exposure mode can combine up to 9 exposures in a single imagewith an auto exposure compensation function to help ensure that they blend together well. There's also an Interval shooting mode which can record up to images at 1 second or slower intervals at Pentax Q10 Camera specific time, very useful for capturing Pentax Q10 Camera lapse sequences.

Once you have captured a photo, the Pentax Q10 has an above average range of options for playing, reviewing and managing your images.

Pentax Q10 Camera You can instantly scroll through the images that you have taken, view 9 thumbnails, zoom in and out up to a magnification Pentax Q10 Camera 16x, compare two images side-by-side, and see detailed information about each image by pressing the Info button. You can also delete single or multiple images, view a slideshow, rotate, resize and crop an image, protect images so that they cannot be deleted, and set various printing options, including creating an Index sheet of multiple thumbnails.


There are also 17 Digital Filters that Pentax Q10 Camera can apply to an image after you have taken it, and you can develop RAW files and edit movies in-camera. Since the Quick-Dial has four positions, the photographer can assign four of their favourites from the nine Smart Effect modes in advance. In order to customize the PENTAX Q10 to accommodate specific shooting styles and user preferences, the user can also assign other options — such as a custom image setting, a digital filter or an aspect ratio setting — to this dial.

The user has a Pentax Q10 Camera of nine Custom Image modes, including Bleach Bypass, which produces a dramatic, movie-like finish.

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