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Uniwill N356 VGA Driver

, 1f04 SAS 5/E. , 1f09 SAS , / PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter , Uniwill Computer Corp. Uniwill N VGA Driver (Popularity:): ECS/Uniwill Computer is the world's leading provider of innovative portable solutions dedicated to engineering and. G05, mb Mobility Radeon VGA, SRP £call . Samsung TS-LA CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo, 64/32/16MB Shared Memory Graphics, VGA, 54Mbps Wi-Fi, 10/ LAN, 56K Modem, Audio, NNB, Uniwill II3, SRP £call.


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Uniwill N356 VGA Driver

The principles and features of this invention may be employed in Uniwill N356 VGA and numerous embodiments without departing from the scope of the invention. The drawings are not necessarily to scale; Uniwill N356 VGA has instead been placed upon illustrating the principles of the invention. Uniwill N356 VGA this end, the right and left tabsare provided on a front wall of the docking unit The tabsproject rearward from the front wall and are located over wells As detailed in FIG.

Specifically, the portable computer 10 is aligned in the computer docking bay area so that the rectangular recesses 12 in the portable computer's housing are aligned in front of each of the projecting tabs The computer is then moved in the direction of arrow 14 so that the tabsengage the recesses This connection has the effect of hinging the front of the computer 10 to the port replicator In the preferred embodiment, this extends entirely through the docking unit.


This has the advantage of providing an easy means for carrying the docking unit, forming an improvised handle. Rearward of the cutout is battery charging cradle Better shown in FIG. When inserted into the cradle, the battery's electrodes electrically mate with the charging connector in Uniwill N356 VGA charging cradle Preferably, the top wall of the battery is flush or level with a bay wall of the docking Uniwill N356 VGA A battery charging unit is located in an electronics section under bay wall of the docking unit In the preferred embodiment, the battery is a lithium ion battery and the charger is adapted to provide the charging profile Uniwill N356 VGA for lithium ion batteries.

Behind the battery charging cradle [] on the top bay wall of the docking unit is a combination connector As shown in FIG. As the rear portion of the computer 10 descends into the docking baythe docking unit's combination connector electrically mates with the compatible connector 14 on the bottom of the portable computer This allows the portable computer's communication ports to be replicated at the communication port connectors Uniwill N356 VGA the port replicator Also, the combination connector provides electrical power to the portable computer The rear of the docking unit [] has the array of communication port connectors or jacks Preferably, these connectors comprise an RJ connector for connection to Uniwill N356 VGA network, a USB connectora power supply connectora parallel printer port connectora serial port connectora VGA video port connectormouse port connectorand a keyboard Uniwill N356 VGA connector These replicated port connectors function as the replicated port connectors of the portable computer installed in the docking bay area.

The ports of the Uniwill N356 VGA computer connect to the replicated port connectors via the combination connector In the preferred embodiment, the docking unit [] comprises a rear wall that projects upward, over the docking bay at the rear side of the unit This projecting wall is preferably arcuate and projects in front of Uniwill N356 VGA communication port connectors 18 of the portable computer. This effectively prevents the simultaneous connection of devices to the portable computer's communication port connectors and the same connectors of the docking unit, preventing incompatible electrical connection.


The set of communication port connectors 18 of the portable computer include a parallel printer port connector 45, a serial port connector 46, and Uniwill N356 VGA VGA video port connector These connectors 18 are accessed during mobile operation by opening the door However, as the portable computer 10 is inserted into the docking bay of the docking unitprojecting wall engages the door 20, if it is in the open position. This forces the door 20 closed as the portable computer 10 is completely seated into Uniwill N356 VGA docking bay Uniwill N356 VGA thus prevents access to the communication port connectors 18 of the portable computer 10, requiring these connections to be made from the replicated port connectors of the docking unit

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