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Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card Driver

Sunix SX Firewire / USB2 PCIe card. EUR ; + EUR Voltaire InfiniBand HCA Ex-D S PCIe Single Port Host Adapter. EUR . SDR InfiniBand PCI-e x8 Mellanox InfiniHost III Lx MHESXTC. EUR ; +. InfiniHost® III Lx HCA card, single-port, DDR w/ media adapter MHESXTC Rev A2 cards . See “Correcting Wrong PSID in & MHGS VPD Layout for DDR/QDR Single and Dual Port HCA Cards. Appendix Table 4: Mellanox HCA Cards Part Numbering Key. 9. Table 5: Figure 8: Schematic of the ConnectX IB HCA Card with QSFP Connectors. Missing: MHES ‎XS.


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Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card Driver

Mellanox Mhes18 Xs Rev.a0 Hca Card Firmware Driver Download

Since a wide rang of parallel applications depend on this operation, an efficient implementation for the given hardware is of high importance. Based on the results of the analysis, optimizations for all-reduce algorithms shall be proposed. Known all-reduce Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card will be investigated theoretically, using well-known communication models and practically on clusters. Finally a new algorithm shall be proposed. III There cannot exist a general non-adaptive all-reduce algorithm which is optimal in all possible scenarios.

In combination with the open source operating system Linux and the Message Passing Interface MPI standard clusters of workstations have emerged as a powerful solution for solving scientific and business problems. Not only the lower costs but also the familiarity to a wide range of computer scientists and technicians, robustness, the accessibility of hard- and software designs and open standards make clusters based on commodity hardware the preferred choice for many scientific and business computing solutions.

This trend is reflected Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card the number of cluster systems in the Top computing list see Figure 1.

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Beginning with a small number incluster systems now dominate the list of the fastest public known supercomputers Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card the world. The downside is that one workstation can only host a limited Figure 1. This is compensated by connecting hundreds or even thousands of them through an interconnect. Since most HPC applications need to 1 1 11 1 Introduction communicate between their processes Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card synchronize and share data, the network is a critical component in terms of application speed, scalability and cluster efficiency.

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Thus, the interconnect should provide a high bandwidth and low latency to match the interprocess communication needs of the applications. In the beginning clusters Figure 1. Top System Interconnect Family over Time image taken from www.


Being the most used and therefore cheapest Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card technology, Ethernet was the first choice for cost efficient clusters. Today, interprocess communication of an application is most likely handled by an MPI library which provides an Application Programming Interface API to hide the complexity of communicating over a network and Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card make the application itself more hardware independent and therefore portable. One of those functions is the all-reduce operation.

It is used to calculate a result from input values of a number of processes so that after the operation has finished all processes know the result.

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For example all processes of Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card application could search for the minimum of a function for different input values. After each process computed the result for its input values the 2 12 1 Introduction minimum is determined by suppling these results to the all-reduce operation which returns the minimum of all results. Thus, the MPI Allreduce function can have a heavy impact on the performance of an application and should therefore be as fast as possible under the given environment.

Based on these benchmarks and the theoretical background from Chapter 1, several all-reduce algorithms are then presented end evaluated in Chapter 3. Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card


In Chapter 4 a new all-reduce algorithm is Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card and in Chapter 5 the results of this work are summarized. It specifies a portable standard for the communication between distinct processes by messages. In the MPI-Forum released the first version: The processes are identified by a unique ID called rank and different messages are distinguished by a tag.

Thus, the application calling either of these functions has to wait while the data is transferred over the network. This may take a considerable amount of time which could have been used for computation by the application.

These functions return immediately after initiating the send or receive operation. This allows the application to compute while waiting for the transfer operation to finish. Before the send buffer may be used again and the receive buffer is read the application must ensure that the operations are finished. This is accomplished by querying the MPI library for the status of the operation with special calls like MPI Wait Collective Operations Message passing operations in which all processes of a group participate are Mellanox MHES18-XS HCA Card collective operations.

They must be called by all processes of one group with matching arguments.

The group of processes is defined by a unique data type called communicator which also provides a context for the operation. Generally, collective operations can be in one of the following classes:

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