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LXNAV S3 vario Digital Variometer Driver

Das Variometer S3 von LXNAV ist ein eigenständiges digitales Vario mit Standalone digital vario meter with speed to fly • Standard dimensions Ø57 mm (2¼”). , S3 LXNAV Simple Standalone digital vario, altimeter, speed to fly V3 Firmware Update cable, is used to update the firmware in a S3 variometer with. Standalone digital vario meter with speed to fly • Standard dimensions - 57 LXNAV S3. LXNAV. Be the first to review this product. € € Excl. VAT.


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LXNAV S3 vario Digital Variometer Driver

LXNAV V3 Standalone Digital Vario ::

All information is presented for reference only. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

LXNAV reserves LXNAV S3 vario Digital Variometer right to change or improve their products and to make changes in the content of this material without obligation to notify any person or organisation of such changes or improvements. Notes with a red triangle describe procedures that are critical and may result in loss of data or any other critical situation.


A bulb icon is shown when a useful hint is provided to the reader. Within this period, LXNAV will, at its sole option, repair or replace any components that fail in normal use. Such repairs or replacement will be made at no charge to the customer for parts and labour, the customer shall be responsible for any transportation cost.

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E-variometers Cirrus Flyg

LXNAV retains the exclusive right to repair or replace the unit or LXNAV S3 vario Digital Variometer, or to offer a full refund of the purchase price, at its sole discretion. The unit has integrated high precision digital pressure sensor, which are sampled more than times per second. One rotary switch knob with push button function is used for input. Pre-loaded polar database for almost all gliders. Mechanical needle driven by stepper motor indicating vertical speed.

Many custom audio settings Hz sampling rate for very fast response. LXNAV S3 can detect short or long press of push button, in most cases short press confirms action, long press cancels action or exits from the menu Short press means just a click, long press means pushing button for more than one second Power Button The system is powered up using push button. A long press system will turn the S3 off.

Main function is changing of LXNAV S3 vario Digital Variometer volume. The rotary switch moves up or down through the menus.

Variables can also be changed using the switch. Pushing the button at the same time as rotating will step the values in larger increments.

Cumulus Soaring, Inc.- LXNAV

Set elevation menu; normally, values are with step 1m. If you push button in and rotate at same time, the step will be 10m. If you press and rotate, the cursor will move left or right.


Short press will move cursor one step right. Rotary switch with push button Page 9 of 31 10 Adjusting of volume works only on main flying screen.

When the boot procedure is completed, setup elevation dialogue is shown. By default setting Set Elevation page is disabled. It can be enabled in Setup QNH menu. They are designed to make input of names, parameters, etc.

Input controls can be summarised as: Text editor Spin controls Selection control Checkboxes Slider control To move the function from one control to another, rotate the rotary knob up or down as follows: Clockwise rotation will select the next control. Counter clockwise rotation will select the previous control.


PUSH button enters the selected feature.

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