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Linksys SPA922 Driver

Recent Linksys SPA IP Phone questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all SPA Computers. I have about 10 old Linksys Spa/s (now sold as Cisco), that I am having some issues with. By default on factory reset, it sends a request. hi i'm new of the board and new with linksys spa phone. I would like to change the language of the phone but when i go to relative menu.


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Linksys SPA922 Driver


During an active call, press the CONF soft key. This will place the current caller Linksys SPA922 hold and provide dial tone. When the party answers, press the CONF soft key to add this party to the existing call.

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To leave a 3-way conference call, but leave the two remote parities joined, press the JOIN soft key. This leaves the two remote parties joined together while Linksys SPA922 up your phone. Users have the option to activate and deactivate the service by using the soft keys, or by dialing a feature code. The user must use Linksys SPA922 same method to turn the function off that they used to turn the function on.

Using the Feature Activate: Press the CFWD soft key.


Linksys SPA922 A stutter tone will sound indicating the forwarding number has been programmed. If there are other telephone numbers in addition to the primary number on the phone, using the CFWD soft key will cause incoming calls to the primary to be forwarded; however, incoming calls for other the other telephone numbers will continue Linksys SPA922 ring on the phone. Using the Soft Keys 1.

Press the —CFWD soft key. Follow the Linksys SPA922 instructions. There will be no indication on your phone that call forwarding has been enabled.

You will need to remember that call forwarding was enabled and will need to Linksys SPA922 disabled. Using the Feature Code 1. During an active call, press the HOLD button.

This will place the caller on hold. Pickup groups are pre-configured by the System Administrator.

Call Return Allows a user to call back the last number that called their line, regardless of whether or Linksys SPA922 the phone was answered. Press the LCR soft key, if displayed.

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Using the Call Directory 1. Highlight phone number and press the DIAL soft key. Call Transfer — Blind Allow incoming calls to be transferred to another line without consultation with Linksys SPA922 receiving party.

Linksys SPA VoIP Phone Setup Guide

Call Transfer — Consult Allow incoming calls to be transferred to another line with Linksys SPA922 with the receiving party. During the call, press the XFER soft key. This will place the caller on hold and provide dial tone.

When the second party picks up you Linksys SPA922 consult with them. Press the XFER soft key to transfer the call. To return to the Linksys SPA922 caller without transferring the call, wait for the consulting party to hang up Linksys SPA922 then press the RESUME soft key. During the call, press the HOLD button. Press the key to send the caller to your own voicemail box.

To send the caller to another voicemail box, enter the desired extension followed by the key.

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When a second call is received while Linksys SPA922 user is engaged in a call, the user is informed via a call waiting tone. Using the Feature Retrieving the Second Call 1.


When another call rings in, a waiting tone will sound and the caller Linksys SPA922 will appear on screen. Place the current call on hold by pressing the HOLD button.

Linksys SPA942/SPA922 phones not re-registering

Take the second call by pressing and releasing the Linksys SPA922 or placing the handset in its cradle and picking it Linksys SPA922 up again. Or, press the speaker button if using the speakerphone. The line can be configured as a unique phone number or extensionor can be configured to share a number that is assigned to multiple phones.

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