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ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch Driver

Buy: Aten KLAiM 8-Port 17" Dual Rail Cat5 LCD KVM Over IP Switch with and serial KVM Adapter Cables for the final linkup, the KL Ai /KL Ai. View our range of Aten Cat5 KVM Switches available at Comms Express, Networking ATEN's KL LCD slide away KVM provides a compact solution to. control center. Since , ATEN has been expanding its ALTUSEN line of high- end server management solutions for the enterprise-level. KVM switch market.


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ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch Driver

If the computer's Operating System does not support hot plugging, this function may not work properly.

KVM Choice: Admin Console with Cat 5 KVM Switch

Before ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch it back up you must do the following: Shut down all the computers that are attached to it. Otherwise, the switch will still receive power from the computers. Wait 10 seconds, then plug the Station back in. After the Station is up, Power On the computers. If you have shut down more than one Station, power up the highest Station first and work your way down to the lowest one. The Port ID is made up of two parts: The first daisy chained switch has a Station Number of 02, the next daisy chained switch has a Station Number of ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch, etc.


The Station Number precedes the ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch Number. Station and Port numbers from 1 9 are padded with a preceding zero, so they become For example, a computer attached to Port 6 of Station 12 would have a Port ID of: With this method, the [Ctrl] keys must be on the same side both left, or both right. Before the OSD Main Screen comes up, a login dialog box appears that asks for your username password.

ATEN ALTUSEN KL1508 Cat 5 8-port High-density Dual Rail LCD KVM Switch

If the password function has been set, you must provide a valid username and password in order to access the OSD Main Screen. If this is the first time that the OSD is being run, or if the password function has not been set, simply press [Enter]. In this mode, you have administrator privileges, with access to all Administrator ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch User functions, and can set up operations including password authorization for the futureas you would like.

The diagram depicts the Administrator's Main Screen. The User Main Screen does not show the F4 and F6 functions, since these are reserved for the Administrator and can't be accessed by ordinary Users.

Troubleshooting; General - Aten ALTUSEN KL User Manual [Page 90]

The OSD always starts in List view with the highlight bar at the same position it was in the last time it was closed. The OSD uses a tree view.


The Port Number list drops down. To dismiss the list, click the circle symbol [ o ] in front of the Station Number.

8-Port Cat 5 High-Density Dual Rail LCD KVM Switch

If there are more list entries than there is room for on the Main Screen, the screen will ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch. After executing any action, you automatically go back to the menu one level above. The simplest method to access a particular computer is to click it, or move the Highlight Bar to it, ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch then press [Enter]. The computers that are powered on and are On Line have a sun symbol in this column to indicate so.

For example, you can rapidly switch to any port, scan selected ports only, ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch the list you wish to view, designate a port as a Quick View Port, create or edit a port name, or make OSD setting adjustments. To access an OSD function: In the Submenus that appear make your choice either by Double Clicking it, or moving the Highlight Bar to it, and then pressing [Enter].

Aten KL1508AM User Manual

Press [Esc] to return to the previous menu level. To use the Name method, key in 1, key in the port's Name, and then press [Enter].

You can key in a partial Name or Port ID. Many of the OSD functions only operate on the computers currently selected for Listing on the Main Screen with this function. The submenu choices and their meanings are given ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch the table below: Lists only the ports that have their attached computers Powered On. ATEN KL1508 KVM Switch the Highlight Bar to the choice you want, then press [Enter].

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An icon appears before the choice to indicate that it is the currently selected one. A separate profile for each is stored by the OSD and is activated according to the Username provided during Login.

To change a setting: Double-click it; or move the highlight bar to it, then press [Enter]. After you select an item, a submenu with further choices appears.

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