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Aopen MX4SGI-L-N Driver

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Aopen MX4SGI-L-N Driver

I used Aopen MX4SGI-L-N to see what impact memory would have on gaming. However, this benchmark gives a somewhat unscientific score with no units, and it is not at all clear how this figure is derived.

2GB 2 X 1GB PC DDR MHz DIMM Low Density Desktop Memory RAM Acer Dell HP - $ PicClick

Higher is better, but that s about all I know. I didn t fiddle around trying to set optimum Quake III settings for the benchmark Aopen MX4SGI-L-N sound was on, the resolution was set as x and the graphics settings were all on high.

The message here - which is important - is that you should always identify the bottleneck in Aopen MX4SGI-L-N system. For gaming, mine is the graphics card not the CPU or memory.

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What Aopen MX4SGI-L-N does PC actually give. This gave the following Sandra score: This nicely illustrates the issue of RAM timings described earlier. If we increase the bus speed to MHz but leave the timings alone ie. Not so dramatic - but Aopen MX4SGI-L-N likely due to a graphics card bottleneck as described earlier. This therefore represents the maximum change in timings.

2GB 2 X 1GB PC DDR MHz CL Non ECC DIMM Desktop Memory RAM - $ PicClick

Same excuse as before. Overclocking the memory Overclocking refers Aopen MX4SGI-L-N running a component at a speed greater than it was designed for. I normally run my 1GHz Thunderbird at 1.


This is stable, but I have difficulty overclocking the CPU much beyond this. To test the overclocking potential of this Aopen MX4SGI-L-N, I changed the multiplier back to its default of x10 and instead started increasing the FSB.

At MHz, the memory bus is running at MHz. Well beyond its specification of MHz As proof, I attach the score below. A 19 overclock is Aopen MX4SGI-L-N rare achievement with this chipset.

Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS:// ...

It easily surpassed its MHz specification and ran at MHz at In simple terms, this test illustrated one of the benefits of quality RAM. Quantity of RAM The above tests have established the importance of quality, Aopen MX4SGI-L-N what of quantity.


It is certainly easy to define the lower limit. Any Aopen MX4SGI-L-N running Windows will need at least 64MB of memory to avoid swapping with one or two applications running.

For most home users, MB of RAM is sufficient to support Windows, games and activities such as web browsing Aopen MX4SGI-L-N word processing. More than MB is only necessary for memory intensive activities Aopen MX4SGI-L-N as photo editing, video capture or running the computer with several applications open simultaneously. It is hard to conceive of situations where a home user would ever require more than MB.

Some users experience stability issues when adding additional DIMMs to their motherboard, but this did not prove a problem Aopen MX4SGI-L-N me. This is probably due to the quality of the RAM.

I did Aopen MX4SGI-L-N, however, a small but noticeable drop in memory bandwidth as additional DIMMs were added, although the ability to overclock the system was not affected. I assume this reduction in throughput is due to the additional overhead placed Aopen MX4SGI-L-N the memory controller when additional DIMMs are used, although I have no evidence for this.


It is therefore worth noting that you should only add enough memory to ensure your machine doesn t need to access virtual memory the Aopen MX4SGI-L-N. Additional memory above and beyond this Aopen MX4SGI-L-N actual reduce performance slightly. This is really to be expected: Assuming the memory is a quality brand, and hence stable, the difference is therefore one of overclockability which is determined by the design of the DIMM circuitry and choice of RAM chip and price.

Conclusions These tests have shown a number of things: Furthermore, PC is often the cause of stability problems on Athlon motherboards. Therefore only ever add as much memory as you need.


The difference between RAM types is fundamentally that of cost and stability. All SDRAM provides equal bandwidth at a given setting - it s just not guaranteed that Aopen MX4SGI-L-N makes can be stable.

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